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Недавняя продажа WhatsApp возбудила немало людей. У евреев появился еще один повод для гордости - автор и совладелец - еврей из Украины.

Ну а [ profile] palal подбросил ссылочку как это все начиналось. Со знаменитого форума путешественников. Flyertalk
Фтыкать и восхищаться!

hi there,

i hate shameless self promotion, but i couldn't resist posting here because i wrote this app with people like us in mind (those who travel a lot)

ever since i semi-retired a little over a year ago, i been traveling A LOT and i hated it when people tried to reach me when i am on the plane or out of the country. so i asked myself -- wouldn't it be cool if i just set a status for my iPhone, similar to how you can set a status on yahoo messenger or skype.

problem found - problem solved. so i spent a couple of months and developed a little tool called WhatsApp - it can let you set a status like "On the flight to munich, send email instead of calling me" or "In Japan for two weeks, my cell there is +81 829 282718"

our site with screenshots and faq is: and direct itunes link is:

i would like to hear your feedback and suggestions on the idea. hit or miss?

(of course app is useless 'til your contacts begin to use it also)

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